Michael Schultz

Software designer and engineer with a passion for creating— from innovative web solutions to video games, music, and impactful software projects.

Michael Schultz

Prism Quest 🔮

Our kaizo inspired platformer built for the 2024 1-Bit game jam where we placed 20th out of 108 entries.Many have tried, few have overcome. Will you?

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Pack Rat 🐭

A point-and-click adventure game built for the Cozy Autumn Game Jam 2023.The game was designed and built in 8 days and lots of coffee. This was also the first ever game published by RatRace.studio

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Hemolog 2.0

A free health tracking tool for people with Hemophilia, rebuilt from the ground up to be simple and more insightful than ever.

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(Ph)one Stand

Tired of not having a quality phone stand that rotated nicely with one hand, I decided to design my own. Made with strong, recyclable plastics and eco-friendly Jesmonite.

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Time Between The Stars

Space simulation game influenced by the short story Slow Time Between The Stars by John Scalzi.

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Toko Roko

Hand drawn parkour platformer for PC and consoles.This will be the first full-length game from RatRace.studio, a collaboration with Luke Schultz.

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