Michael Schultz

Design @ Sidewire

Sidewire’s a place where you can find experts and insiders breaking down the day’s news in public chats.

I’ve been at Sidewire since November 2015 and have been the sole designer since June 2016. We’ve transformed our social platform into an awesome place for experts and readers alike. The best thing about Sidewire is that every expert is verified (no trolls!). We’ve had some incredible conversations that I don’t think could happen anywhere else.

You can check it out at sidewire.com or download the app on iOS or Android.

A spoonful of sugar...and whatnot

I was the first designer at Iodine. With a team of only a few, we built an incredibly honest drug information resource. Something that I'm glad exists today. During the first few weeks on the job, we partnered with the FDA to release and distribute a redesigned view of their resource of thousands of stuctured product labels or SPL's. This early product later turned into a feature of our main product Iodine.com. I left Iodine after 2 years and am thrilled with the work I was able to do while I was there.

Another product I helped launch at Iodine was an app for helping you find out if your depression meds were working. We called it "Start" and you can find it in the App Store.

"Start" tracks your progress over time and then mirrors that progress back to you. Our goal was to help you make a decision after only 6 weeks. That's almost half the time it normally takes for a doctor to switch you to another drug if one isn't working.

My biggest takeaway was that designing and building things is way more fun than just designing them and handing them off.

Unsplash yourself

Probably one of the best online resources of royalty free, high quality, stock photo sites was looking to do a redesign a few years ago. I didn't have a lot of time to devote to it but I had a cool idea and recorded myself mocking it up. Don't worry it's sped up a ton. ;)

Watch this video along with a few others on Youtube.


Discover others in the bleeding disorder community near you and around the world.


A medical condition in which the ability of the blood to clot is severely reduced, often due to lack of factor VIII.

Hemoglobe is a location-based app designed for the hemophilia community. It allows users to update their location and find others who are nearby and across the globe. Many hemophiliacs feel like they are alone. Hemophilia is an extremely rare disorder and this app was created to help them find others like them.

Unfortunately with the shutdown of Parse and my lack of time to commit to it, Hemoglobe is no longer available. Read more about the shutdown at hemoglobe.com

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